Our farmers and undertakings aimed at increasing of crop amount obtained from unique area in that period that we live in the beginning of 21st century. In our country, natural fertility decreases from year to year due to ignorance and applying of wrong methods. 

Then, need of increasing human population must be covered supplying necessary increasing in the crop. This also can be done knowing what is conditions will increase soil fertility as possible as and how will realize of this. 

Plant nutrition groups produced by our company is produced for organic and précising farming with respect to sustainable agriculture and environment. Fertigation fertilizers, liquid and solid organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers are produced completely adding nutrients that needed by the plants and balancing necessary and enough rates. It must not be forgot the correlation between qualities of plant nutrition groups used in the agriculture and yield increasing in the consequence of this. 

So, as DOĞER KİMYA TARIM, setting out by the slogan of 'to Abundant Crops by Quality Products!' we the best aimed to able to serve to the World agriculture. 



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