Total Organic Matter

Organic Carbon

Organic Nitrogen

Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K20)

Free Amino Acids

pH Range

: W/W

: 25%


: 1,5%

: 6%

: 7%

: 4.6 – 6.6









(Tomato, pepper, Eggplant, lettuce, cabbage, cumber)

Via foliar

250-300cc / 100 Lt water

First application is made after two weeks of planting and maintained until 10 days to harvesting

2. Applied right before flowering.

Via soil

2-4 kg/da

Diversion Period: 2-3 kg ORIGIN is added to 100 liters of water. Seedlings are dipped in this mixture  and planted.

2. Application: It is applied together with 1st irrigation water.

Citrus Fruit

Via foliar

250-300cc /100lt water

Applied from the fruit stance and made until the fruit reaches at its normal size.

Via soil

3-4 kg/da


Applied when the bud starts to blister and maintained until one month to the harvesting at 20-25 days interval.

Fruit Trees

(Apple, Pear, Cherry, Peaches, Pomegranate)

Via foliar

300cc /100 Lt. Water

From leaf formation until harvesting period

Via soil

3 kg/da

From the period plants are fuddled to the soil until harvesting period

Farm plants

Via foliar

250-300 cc /100 Lit water

2 applications with herbicides

Via soil

3-4 kg/da

Together with each irrigation water


Via foliar

150-200cc/100 lt water

Applied from growing period until harvesting

Via soil

2-3 kg/da

At 10 days interval during growing period

Lawn Areas

Via foliar

2-3 kg/da


2 or 3 times during the growing period




Via foliar

250-300cc /100 Lt water

It is applied 2-3 times from the formation of the leaves until the end of the period of the stalks

Via soil

3-4 kg/da

It is applied 2-3 times from leaf formation period until harvesting period


Via soil

2-5 kg/da

It is appliedfrom the fruit formation period

It is in the form of simple amino acid as the smallest structure unit of the protein. Therefore, plants use easily it as energy source. It accelerates the formation of protein. It eliminates the lack of amino acids that cannot be synthesized by plants, so plants use this energy to grow and develop. When used with other crops, it provides conveyance to the structure of the plant and acceleration.